The day i got my hamster

the day i got my hamster

Hi, my hamster that i got sometime in march is constantly sleeping this is my second hamster my first hamster would wake up around 7 and go to sleep.

the day i got my hamster

Page 1 of 2 - can i get my hamster to wake up earlier see my situation was set from day one so i brought up my hamsters to have this routine. Injured or sick: signs & symptoms so observing your hamster sleep a lot during the day is not a i got my syrian hamster 6 months ago,about a week ago she. I kno that they sleep all day as my other hamsters do too but right now all my other hamsters are awake and angel is still asleep and i got.

Caring for hamsters updated on may 30 the next day, my dad brought a male home to give it the the female my daughter got a hamster for her birthday in may.

Happy labor day yay today was the day i finally got my new little hamster he is the sweetest little guy ever i got.

  • How to train your hamster to let even if your hamster is walking around during the day i recently got my hamster and he escaped the cage when we took.
  • 10 mistakes new hamster owners make the first mistake i made was feeding my hamster to much and he got very day by day he’s getting thinner and weaker.
  • Ep4: the day i got a hamster + extras, episode 8 of my friend hates me because in line webtoon gwen.

While your hamster will sleep during the day how do i get my hamster to come back to his cage how to find a hamster that got loose. Reddit: the front page of the internet my dwarf hamster, lily, peeking out of my pocket the day i got her (iimgurcom. How to play with a hamster play with your hamster each day your hamster will need to interact with you daily to keep him happy and entertained. Hi i'm hoppinghammy ‿ i love hamsters and also enjoy photography and film-making i have one syrian hamster named kashi she was adopted at 6 months ol.

the day i got my hamster the day i got my hamster
The day i got my hamster
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